Spa Pedicure $32

Basically, our spa pedicure is a multi-step process of cuticle and nail care, shaping, cleansing, exfoliating, massaging with warm lotion, and polishing.


Green Tea mint $52
Recommended for dry and cracked heals

Your feet is treated by soaking in a soothing foot soak created by organic green tea is combined with garden mint, tea tree and Eucalyptus essential oils. Significantly, your tired and sore feet is healed by a revitalizing green tea mint foot scrub including green tea, garden mint and peppermint essential oils are mixed with Apricot seeds. You are relaxing with 20 minute soothing massage with extreme hydrating cream that is created by Shea butter, cucumber extract, chamomile extract, and many others while green tea mint mask is moisturizing, cooling, and nourishing your feet. Then polish is the last step.


Lavender Aphrodisia $52
Recommended for dry and cracked heals

Soothe and soften calluses with soaking your feet in a lavender foot bath that is created by lavender essential oil and Damiana Tea. An invigorating lavender Aphrodisia scrub exfoliates, reduces calluses and eliminates dead skin cells. On top of that, a lavender mask is used to treat your dry and cracked skin, and your feet becomes healthier with 20 minute foot massage using an enrichedĀ  foot recovery with vitamins and nutrients leaving your feet glowing and looking youthful. As a result, your feet are healthier and smoother, and your toes are prettier with polish on.


Milk and Honey $52
Moisturizing and smoothing your feet

Your feet is soaked in the warm water with a unique blend of enriched moisturizers, cleansers, and deodorizers, followed by an invigorating sea salts, rich in minerals, start off by exfoliating and hydrating. Significantly, relaxing with 20 minute soothing massage with a hydrating milk and honey butter blend while dipping your feet in paraffin. Finally , finishing off with your choice of polish.


Pomegranate & Fig $52
Moisturizing and refreshing your feet

Refresh your feet with a pomegranate aromatherapy foot bath. Enjoy the pomegranate sea salts, are infused with essential oils, exfoliating the dead skin cells on your feet. Relax with 20 minute foot massage using intense hydrating pomegranate butter for silky smooth skin, and moisturize your feet with a paraffin dip! Then, applying the polish that you want on your toes.


Vanilla Bean & Sugar $52
Softening and moisturizing your feet

Relax your full body while soaking your feet in a vanilla bean foot bath. Sugarcane crystals and vanilla bean combine to exfoliate and soften your skin with anti-oxidant benefits. Your feet are nourished in warm paraffin giving the hydrated and silky smooth finish while you are enjoying 20 minute soothing massage with ultra-rich softening of vanilla bean and sugar butter , and finishing off with your polish.


Shellac color to any pedicure $50